Jane Fonda Reveals The Tragic News After Her Cancer Diagnosis

Jane Fonda is somebody who is known for her acting and for the part that she played in influencing others for decades. Unfortunately, time is catching up with her and it seems as if the 84-year-old has some bad news.

For the majority of her life, Jane Fonda spent most of her time in the limelight. Audiences loved watching her and she had a personality that put her in the forefront as well.

The unfortunate thing is, however, that she has been diagnosed with cancer. She recently gave an interview in which she spoke about nearing the end of her life and what she plans on doing.

First of all, she spoke about how she did not fear death and knew that she would more than likely die sooner rather than later. She also wanted to encourage other celebrities and those who are famous to be a force of power for others to do good.

Fonda has recently been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and she admits that she is aware that her time is limited.

“With each passing year, one becomes more aware of the time that lies behind rather than ahead. It’s only a matter of common sense.”

Fonda has often shared her thoughts and feelings with others. Recently, she said that she would take part in chemotherapy in her cancer treatment plan. She wrote the following on Instagram:

“Dear friends, there is something intimate I feel compelled to share,” she said on Instagram. I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and have begun chemotherapy.

“Fortunately, this type of cancer is highly treatable, and I consider myself extremely fortunate because approximately 80% of patients overcome this disease. I am fortunate to have access to outstanding medical specialists and cutting-edge therapy.

“However, I am painfully aware that my situation is far from typical. It is inexcusable that other families across America are dealing with illness without access to my beautiful healthcare.

“I am ready. I’ve had a life entire with wonders and blessings. While hesitating to say goodbye, I recognize that my departure from this planet is imminent.”

It’s sad that the world is losing such an icon but we hope that her words have inspired others to move forward.