Her Husband Was Shocked By Her Ingenious Solution

Something that all of us appreciate to some degree or another is laughter. When we are able to laugh, it provides us with a good feeling on the outside and the inside.

Some of us or even find a way to laugh on a daily basis, perhaps listening to comedy when we are on our way to work or maybe just sharing a joke. A joke is what we have for you today, but it is one that will keep you laughing and feeling good.

Laughter is something that is meant to be shared with those who are closest to you. Make sure that you share this joke and the laughter that goes along with it.

Wife: honey can you plz help me cleaning the garden.

Husband: do I look like a gardener?

Wife: Ooh sorry honey, OK then fix the bathroom door.

Husband: do I look like a carpenter?…..

Then husband walks out, after coming back from were he went, he found the garden cleaned and the door fixed.

Husband: I knew my wife will do this all by herself….!

Wife: no its not me.

Husband: who then!

Wife: our neighbor

Husband: you paid him how much?

Wife: No, he just gave me two options, bread or s*x….

Husband: I hope u gave him bread

Wife: Do I look like a bakery!!!!