He Forgave Wife for Adulatory 2 Times, Now He Thinks She’s Hiding Something Else

Finding a way to trust your partner after they’d been unfaithful is a difficult challenge that many couples are unable to conquer. This could explain why divorce rates in some places tip over fifty percent and why more and more folks choose not to get married. Marriage is a lifetime commitment that requires complete faith in your partner. The feeling that the “other shoe” will drop at any moment is not a good feeling to carry for years into a marriage or any relationship. But, that’s just what it feels like for a person who’d suffer betrayal, especially if their partner keeps making the same “mistake” again and again.


After a betrayal, it’s normal to desperately desire for our relationships to return back to normal, to be able to feel at ease and love each other as though nothing ever happened.


However, that type of trust is difficult to rebuild and can take quite some time. One man wrote about his experience regarding his wife’s infidelity and asked whether or not he should stay in the marriage.

Should he forgive her or is it time to move on?


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