Father Not Allowing His Youngest Daughter At Wedding Because His Fiancée Dislikes Her

Very few people would say they find planning weddings to be a “relaxing” activity, especially when it comes to deciding the final guest list. However, there are at least a few who automatically make the list, such as your parents, siblings, and especially your kids.

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However, one dad was roasted online after freely admitting that he was not going to invite his own 9-year-old daughter to attend his wedding because his fiancee did not think she was as sophisticated and stylish as his 18-year-old sister.

The 46-year-old man recently posted on Reddit asking if banning his own daughter from his wedding at his fiancee’s assistance made him a “bad guy.”

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He wrote:

The wedding was originally postponed due to the pandemic, but the couple finally decided to carry on with their “lavish” and very “expensive wedding.”

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He continued:

It seems that his fiancee, the little girl’s future stepmom, can’t stand his daughter, and he’s choosing her over his little girl.

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Naturally, her exclusion from the event had not sat well with his youngest daughter, whose mother abandoned her when she was 6-years-old. But, the infatuated dad was too oblivious to realize what this was doing to his child.

Eventually, the man’s parents became involved and told their son that they would not attend either if their granddaughter couldn’t attend her dad’s wedding.

On Redditt, people were infuriated with the poster, arguing that he should reconsider the entire marriage and perhaps go to counseling with his daughter to figure out why he would even consider such a thing.


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