Doctor Repositions A Breech Baby With No Problem At All

From the moment that we learn we are pregnant, we begin to anticipate the big day whenever the birth happens. It is the day that we will finally welcome the little one into our lives and in many cases, we have been waiting many months in order for it to happen. Many births may go without any problem but every once in awhile, there is an issue that occurs. At times, it may be possible to address such an issue without much of a problem but at other times, it could be something that needs a little extra care from the physician.

One of the difficulties that may happen is for the baby to be breech. In a normal childbirth, the baby’s head is facing down and it is the first thing to enter the world. If the baby is in a breech position, however, the baby’s head is not pointed down and it can make it very difficult for the mother and the baby during childbirth. Fortunately, there are options available if the baby is in a breech position but it does need the help of the physician in a special way.

One of the options that is available when the baby is in a breech position is External Cephalic Version (ECV). This is an option that is not often shown, but it is one that can have dramatic results. After the baby has moved into the breech position, it is possible that a doctor can move the baby while it is still inside of the womb. In the end, the baby’s head will be pointing down.

In order for the doctor to move the child into the correct position, he will need to do everything from the outside. The only thing that is really required other than the doctor and his skilled hands is the ultrasound so that they can determine if everything was done correctly. You may never have seen one of these procedures before and you will be amazed at how easy it is for this doctor.

Watch the procedure for yourself in the following video:

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