Danny DeVito Reveals His Deepest Feelings 12 Years After His Split With Rhea Perlman

We have enjoyed watching Danny DeVito and his shows for many years. Regardless of whether you are talking about the old Taxi series or his movie Twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he never fails to entertain.

Something else that Danny DeVito was well known for was his marriage to his wife, Rhea Perlman. Despite the fact that they have been separated for more than a decade, they still have a very strong relationship.

The actors got married in 1982 and were separated in 2012. They never divorced, they live in separate homes, and they don’t plan on legally ending their marriage.

Danny admits that they don’t have any animosity between them and they remain close to each other and their family in his estimation, they are doing great, sharing a granddaughter and visiting their new granddaughter.

Over the years, they have spent most of their lives together. She was 23 and he was 25 when they met in 1970. Within a few weeks, she was living in his home in Manhattan.

“Well, you know, Rhea and I met, in well, 1970,” he shared. “We’ve been together for that long, and you grow together. It’s like you really know how each other’s feeling all the time.”

They have three children together, Jake, Grace, and Lucy. They also starred and directed several films together, so they have been together through thick and thin.

Despite the fact that they are not living together, they are often found with each other and if they aren’t together, they are probably talking. They may not have the same dynamics as a married couple, but they are doing quite well.