Couple Tackles Shooter And Saves Lives During Super Bowl Parade

When you wake up in the morning, you often think it is just going to be a normal day, if you give it any thought at all. There are going to be times, however, when we have an opportunity to make a difference and that is what one couple did in Kansas.

Some 1 million people were together for the Kansas City Super Bowl parade. It was a fantastic time but unfortunately, there was a shooting that cast a dark cloud over it and cost the life of one person.

Unfortunately, almost 2 dozen people were injured in the shooting, including children, and the shooters took the lives of a radio DJ. Two juveniles have been charged in the shooting.

It was a very bad situation but it could’ve been worse if it weren’t for a Wichita couple who took action when they saw what was happening. Their names are Trey and Casey Filter and they have been fans of the Kansas City Chiefs for a very long time.

They were out for the day with their two sons to enjoy the parade and to celebrate the team being in the Super Bowl. As they were celebrating, however, gunshots rang out.

At first, many people thought they were fireworks but when one of the shooters ran past, they took action without even thinking. They could’ve run for cover, but they joined together to tackle the individual.

“We just did what we felt we needed to do in that moment,” Casey explains. “I don’t think we could have just walked away being right there like that.”

Since they tackled the shooter, they restrained him and he was no longer able to shoot anyone until the police arrived. They even got the gun away from him, just in case he got away and started running.

It’s taken some time for the Caseys to process everything that took place and the fact that they were involved with it. They just seem concerned about the families that are going through so much at this time.

They may not have thought they were going to be heroes that day, but they turned out to be heroes in the greatest sense.