Church Signs Are A Sign Of The Times During The Pandemic

I don’t think anybody doubts that we are living in difficult times. In fact, the current pandemic is causing many of us to live a life that we never expected we would be living. Not only do we stay home more often because of the pandemic and due to guidelines that are set out by the CDC and other authorities, we find that we are wearing masks in public and social distancing from close friends. There is no doubt that 2020 has caused a lot of anxiety, and many people have found that a little bit of humor can help in this situation.

If you spend any amount of time driving around your local area, you probably have seen some of the church signs that are out in front of those locations. In many cases, those signs will have something that is a witty post, and it almost seems as if they are in competition with each other to see who can post the most unusual message. At the same time, they will also sometimes post something that is in the public interest. As far as 2020 and the pandemic is concerned, many of those signs now have public service announcements that are either practical or humorous. Here are a few examples:

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