Child Therapist Now Insists Parents Should Stop Kissing Their Children on the Lips

Most parents enjoy being sweet and cuddly with their children. After all, it’s only natural to express your affection for your kids to let them know how much you love them. And many parents continue their affectionate habits well into their child’s adult years. One such practice is kissing their child on the mouth. This tradition dates back centuries, and in many cultures, it’s as natural as a hug. However, these days many people are raising concerns about the practice, insisting that it’s weird and perhaps even abusive.

While everyone has their view on parenting children, the discussion can be a bit confusing.

For years, parenting experts have weighed in on whether it’s appropriate for parents to kiss their kids on the mouth. According to a child psychologist, this is the wrong way for parents to show affection.

A popular parenting blog called “The Stir” answers many parenting questions and tackles uncomfortable topics. And on this subject, Dr. Charlotte Reznick was obvious when asked:

Her answer was clear.

In recent years, the debate intensified as celebrities shared pictures on social media showing them kissing their children on the lips.

Celebs like David Beckham, Harry Connick Jr., and Hillary Duff are among those who’ve had to come out and defend their actions.

After Victoria Beckham was photographed kissing her daughter on the lips, many people began criticizing the mom for what they thought was “inappropriate behavior.”

Some even accused her of being a pedophile. And critics said that such expressions of affection make them feel uncomfortable as they see it as a romantic gesture.

According to Reznick, it’s all about preventing damage. She said that children begin as young as ages 4 and 5 to learn about their sexuality.

And because of this, when parents kiss them on the lips, it can confuse them down the road.

But not every psychologist agrees with Reznick and has taken the side of Duff, Beckham, and others who kiss their kids on the lips. One supporter is Dr. Sally-Ann McCormack, who said:

You can also watch a video featuring a debate about this topic below.

What do you think about this hot-button topic? Is it okay for parents to kiss children on their lips, or is it inappropriate? Let us know in the comments. And please, be so kind as to pass this story on to your friends and family?

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