Bruce Willis’s Daughter Shares Devastating Message About Her Father

When a member of the family gets sick, it is often a very devastating moment for the entire family as they pull together and try to do the best they can. Bruce Willis’ family experienced something similar when they announced in 2023 that he had frontotemporal dementia.

From that point forward, it was realized that he would never act again and, although he was with his family living the best life he could, we can see from pictures and video that he is not doing well. It is been difficult for all of us who appreciate what he has done in his movies.

On social media, the family often shares good times with others but recently, pictures and messages are not quite as positive as they were before. This includes messages from his daughter, Tallulah that show how difficult things have been.

Rumor also shared a picture on Instagram of herself as a baby and you can really see how proud he is of his little girl. It was a beautiful moment but perhaps the thing that met the most was when she said: “Really missing my papa today.”

Tallulah also shared a post that was heartbreaking, to say the least. Four pictures were posted on Instagram showing her driver’s license, along with pictures with her father. She then mentioned how difficult it was to see those pictures.

Both of the girls are missing their father but they are doing their best to continue with life, despite his diagnosis. For example, Rumor welcomed her first child into the world and her father got to hold her.

We hope that the family has some better times ahead.