Artist Is Able To Use Bic Ballpoint Pens To Create The Most Realistic Pictures

It doesn’t matter who we are, we all have something that we can offer to the world. For some of us, that special something may be hidden under the surface and it is a talent that we must develop on our own in order to truly allow it to shine. Other people, however, seem to be born with that special something and, although they may develop it in their lifetime, they are quite skilled at it from the very start. Those people have always amazed me.

Although I consider myself to be a talented individual, I couldn’t necessarily say that I had one particular thing that I did exceptionally well. Most of it is just mediocre, at best, although I do like to share it with others when I have the opportunity. Every once in a while, however, we hear about somebody who is able to do amazing things. That is the case with a self-taught artist named Oscar Ukonu. He lives in Nigeria and is able to create amazing drawings using only Bic ballpoint pens. Ever since 2014, he has been sharing his talent with the world and the world is taking notice.

Although there are plenty of people who can draw and many who can doodle, Oscar is able to create hyperrealistic drawings that are absolutely mind-blowing. He isn’t able to do them quickly, and it may take six weeks or longer before one of his creations comes to life.

When you really stop to think about what this man is able to do, it’s beyond our ability to grasp. He uses a technique that includes scribbling, among hatching and crosshatching. In the end, you are not going to believe what you see and you get to watch it unfold in the following video.