An Isolated Freddie Mercury Vocal Track from 1977

When it comes to music, I think that all of us have our own favorites and opinions. At times, those opinions may cross over from one person to another but the reason why we might love the music would be different. There are so many different types of music and not all of them are going to be to everybody’s liking. You might also find that some of the music you hear playing is not only to your liking, but you might also downright hate it.

Every once in awhile, we hear a song that just makes us feel good on the inside. These songs might come from a group that appeals to the masses and I believe that one of the most beloved musical groups of all time is Queen. With Freddie Mercury singing the lead, they always seemed to bring something unique to our ears. The entire band harmonized in such a beautiful way that it was difficult not to walk away with their song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Of course, we didn’t mind because they were so awesome.

There was so much going on when their music was playing that sometimes, their voices were not in the forefront. The guitar sounds, drums, and other instruments made the music what it was. This video shows just what their voices brought to the table. It isolated their voices during ‘We Are the Champions’ and honestly, we now understand why they had such an appeal.

Unfortunately, Freddie Mercury is no longer with us. The man may be gone but we have his music with us to continue to enjoy. Listen to their voices blend in this video. You will have a new respect for what they gave to us.

Here the vocal track for yourself in this video:

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