Kitten Born With Two Faces Grows Up To Be The Most Gorgeous Cat I’ve Ever Seen

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of someone who is two-faced? More than likely, you don’t have a very good impression of that person. What if I were to tell you that I knew about a cat that was two-faced? If you picture the most adorable cat you have ever seen, that is exactly right. This little kitty, Narnia, is not only a rare cat, she is a cute cat as well.

Narnia was born with a very rare condition. She has two-toned fur and when she was born in May 2017, she really stood out from her siblings. It was because of her unique features and we love them! Stephanie Jimenez, her breeder, was also in love with this special little kitten from the start. When she saw her, she decided to keep her as a forever pet.

Narnia lives in France but thanks to her beauty and these viral pictures, she is now known worldwide.

Now that Narnia has grown, she is a beautiful cat. She kept her two-faced features and has only gotten more beautiful over time.

Nobody knows why this happens but these animals are known as Chimeras.

When a feline chimera happens, the cells in the cat have 2 different types of DNA. They are the product of two embryos fusing together.

You don’t see a cat this beautiful every day.

You can see more of Narnia in this video: