8 Warning Signs You Are Emotionally And Mentally Exhausted

Most of us would be quick to admit that life does have its ups and downs. We feel as if everything is going along perfectly at one moment and then suddenly, we find ourselves staring up from the bottom and wondering how we got there. It can be an emotional roller coaster and sometimes, it can really take a toll on us both emotionally and physically. At times, understanding the warning signs can help you to take the proper action and avoid the issue if at all possible.

If you ever found yourself in this situation, you certainly are not alone. We live in a world that is not very user-friendly when it comes to our stress levels. In fact, stress has become such a normal part of life that we may not even recognize it is an issue. We find ourselves in the middle of a stress cycle that is difficult to break and before long, we are emotionally spent. When you recognize the following 8 symptoms in your life, take action.

1. No motivation

You may have been ready to take on the world but now you just can’t get motivated to get up and get going. When you find yourself in this situation, you may try to push through it and work harder. What you actually need is the opposite.

Give yourself a little time to rest and rejuvenate. Try to find something inspirational in your life and you will find your motivation again.

2. You get easily upset

You tend to feel everything with intensity and even the smallest thing may cause you to spark up from the inside. When little things are starting to break through your defenses, you may try to run and hide from everything.

Don’t feel as if you need to stand up to everything that comes your way. If you find yourself in need of some emotional rest, give yourself a break. It’s better to rest a little than to break down a lot.

3. You cry easily

You may feel that your emotions are hanging right at the surface and you tear up without any warning. It is not only other people’s words and actions that make this happen, but it is also your thoughts.

Stress tends to feel more intense when we are mentally exhausted. Sometimes you just need to give yourself a good cry and come back out swinging.

4. Frequent panic attacks

When stress is weighing on you for an extended amount of time you get overwhelmed easily. You might find that you are having panic attacks every day and it can be frightening.

Try not to allow the fear to carry you away. Anxiety attacks are typically a signal that you need to give yourself the opportunity to cope with what is bothering you. Take some time alone and reset your emotions.

5. You get irritated easily

When you don’t feel in control of yourself, your emotions will control you. You feel powerless to handle daily life when stress is at its apex and you may even feel that you don’t have the ability to handle the world.

Take it easy on yourself. Don’t give yourself a hard time when you feel as if you can’t be with anyone. Your mind is telling you what to do.

6. You have problems sleeping

One of the issues associated with exhaustion is that sleep can be difficult to manage. You tend to lay in bed and think about everything that is on your mind and although you are becoming more tired, you just feel more stress.

7. You feel dizzy and nauseated

Exhaustion is more than a mental problem, it affects us physically as well. Your body just may be too worn out to function normally and dizziness or nausea may be the symptoms. This should be an extreme red flag that a break is needed.

8. You start going numb

When you run the afterburners for too long, all of the troubling problems go away. In fact, you may find that you aren’t feeling anything at all. This can be a serious sign of exhaustion and you need to take a break.

Consider healing as a priority

When you feel that you are being overwhelmed with life, it’s time to pay attention. Give yourself the opportunity to take a breath and look at what needs healing. If you don’t have the ability to handle the challenges life is throwing at you, try some self-care and self-help. You may just find that it is the best thing for you.

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