6 Ways That Narcissists And Sociopaths Will Drive You Crazy

Most of the people that we meet on a day-to-day basis are relatively normal. Some of them may even be very friendly and we can form friendships with those people without having to worry about any negative feedback. At some point or another, however, we may come across a very difficult type of personality that are known as sociopaths. These people have the ability to get inside of your head and it may seem innocent on the outside but they are manipulating you for their benefit.

These people may affect you in many parts of your life and they can be members of your family, close friends, workmates, clergy members or anyone that you have to deal with at any place in your life. When it comes to difficult personalities, these narcissistic manipulators are the most toxic. They care about nobody but themselves and they will stop at nothing to get what they desire. They will use all of their selfish motives to gain their goals, especially at your detriment.

The following 6 phrases are things that narcissists and sociopaths use to control you.

1. You’re just____.

Sociopaths will often resort to calling you names to limit your self-worth and build up your insecurity. That blank can be filled in with anything you can imagine. By bringing you down to a lower level they justify their unhealthy behaviors.

2. You didn’t understand what I said

A sociopath will often tell you that you didn’t understand what they said to distract you from the truth of the matter. If there is a negative reaction they will blame you and then say that you are the one that didn’t understand.

3. Stop being sensitive

By the time a narcissist gets under your skin and starts to push your buttons, they will defend what they are doing by calling you sensitive. They may tell you to lighten up or perhaps to toughen up but in either case, it is their excuse to acting in that manner.

4. Stop being dramatic

If you’re accused of being dramatic by a sociopath, they are trying to remove any validity you may have for your emotions and reactions. They are tearing you down to make you second guess yourself so they are on a higher plane.

5. You’re reading too much into this

There are times when we may look too deep into a subject when it is actually fairly shallow. For sociopaths, however, this is an easy out that will make you confused if you question their motives. They are just trying to belittle what you think and make you feel crazy.

6. You’ll never survive without me

If you are deconstructing a sociopath, they will manipulate you even further. It isn’t a healthy relationship they are after, it is one that works in their favor. They basically want to control you and they do so by making you feel crazy. You can survive without them if you don’t let them get away with it.

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