5-Yr-Old Boy Finds His Dead Mother And Carries His Baby Sister To The Neighbor’s House For Help

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes, someone may have an opportunity to become a hero without even looking for it. That happened recently in Arizona, when SalvatoreĀ Cicalese found his mother in the shower unconscious.

Sal is only five years old and when he saw his mother unconscious, he thought she had died. That is when his instincts kicked in and he did what he could to save her and his baby sister.

Little Sal wrapped up his baby sister in a blanket to keep her safe and comfortable. He then worked his way to his neighbor’s house, Jessica, who looked out and saw Sal standing on the doorstep with his baby sister in tow.

When she first saw him, she thought that he was holding a little doll and she didn’t know what he was trying to say. At first, she thought he said that his dog had died but when she realized what he was actually saying, she called 911 immediately.

Sal’s mother had actually passed out due to a seizure. It wasn’t as bad as what he thought, but his actions and quick thinking may have saved the day because she needed help.

His mother said that he saved her life. She said that she was under the faucet and if he hadn’t gone for help, she could have drowned.

After the fire department crew heard about his brave actions that day, they decided to honor him in a special way. You can see that for yourself in this video.