23 Vintage Pics Of Old-School Parenting That Will Make You Cringe

If you sit around and listen to your parents or grandparents tell stories about when they were younger, you might wonder how they ever survived. After all, they had to walk 5 miles to school in the freezing snow and it was uphill both ways! Of course, we realize that they are exaggerating to a certain extent but then again, life was different when they were younger. We can say that with confidence, because we have the pictures to prove it.

The world can be a very dangerous place for children and it doesn’t matter what generation you happen to be living in, there are going to be issues that come up from time to time. In today’s generation, we have a lot of helicopter parents and others who do their best to make sure that the children are as safe as possible. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it but when you look back at what happened within the past few decades, however, you might start wondering how we were able to survive. Parents didn’t have the same safety options available back then and sometimes, they just made poor decisions.

1. An Aussie kid in 1991 drinking light beer and holding a baby crocodile

2. This mother and grandmother displaying safety standards in the 1960s

3. A mother laying on the ground and making a ramp for her kid’s new BMX

4. The 1972 California marijuana initiative with may be in tow

5. Raising a pet lion in 1959

6. Princess Yvonne and Prince Alexander living large in 1955

7. Ice-skating with a baby in 1937

8. Taking your baby to the bar in the early 80s

9. 1930 swimming lessons

10. 1958 car seats, not strapped into anything

11. Enjoying your new found freedom at a 1972 bar mitzvah

12. Riding a bear when you are two years old

13. A 1962 Harley Davison with a baby seat

14. Like father like son

15. Severe parenting skills, 1985

16. Mom in the hospital after giving birth in 1978 with cigarettes and roasted chicken

17. 1950s baby car seat

18. 1978 extreme parenting skills

19. 1958 relaxing with a cigar after your bath

20. 13-year-old grabbing a drink from the bottle while the parents are busy playing cards – 1954

21. Another pet lion in the 70s

22. Ho Chi Minh zoo in the 1970s

23. 11-year-old kid petting a full-grown tiger