20 ‘Regular’ Sized Items That Are Shockingly Bigger That You Ever Thought

When we look at the world around us, we often do so without giving much thought to perspective. It is something that is automatically taken care of between our eyes and our brain and it helps us to have depth perception and can certainly be a safeguard for us. In reality, however, not everything is as it seems and sometimes, you might even be surprised with what you are actually looking at when you look at something.

In some cases, something may be much larger than you ever thought possible. As an example, if you lived in the country your entire life and only were exposed to city skyscrapers through pictures, you might not fully appreciate the true size of the buildings. It is only when you are actually standing at the bottom of one of those buildings and looking up that you begin to fully appreciate how large they are. Not only is it shocking to see them up close for the first time, you really can’t help but continue to look. That is why you can always spot a tourist in New York City because they are the ones that are looking up.

It isn’t only skyscrapers that are shockingly large, there are also many other things in the world around us that we don’t really give much thought to. When we see them to scale with something in the picture for comparison, however, it gives us a greater appreciation of how large they are and sometimes, the size of them is impressive. This isn’t only true of things that are larger than we thought, it is also true of things that are smaller than we thought at first glance as well.

As you look down through the following pictures, you will see that many of them provide a better understanding of the world around us. When we see how large (or small) these items are, it really takes your breath away. Here are 21 of them for your consideration:

1. A Wombat

2. Leatherback sea turtle

3. Giant African land snail

4. This shows you how many Earths would fit into the sun

5. How big is 1 billion?

6. The size of an Eagle talon

7. A blue whale’s heart

8. Titanic versus modern cruiseship

9. Quetzalcoatlus Northropi, the largest flying animal known to ever exist

10. Inflated horse lungs

11. Wolf vs coyote

12. A human on the great pyramid of Giza

13. Humpback whale and diver

14. A full-grown moose

15. Road signs

16. Saltwater crocodile

17. School bus

18. If Saturn were the moon

19. Traffic light

20. Close-up prop from the Lord of the Rings movies

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