19 Mystery Items That Almost Broke The Internet

There are times when we may see something that we can identify and it can be a very frustrating experience. The strange object may be seen around the home or perhaps we may see them when we are at a museum.

In either case, getting to the bottom of it and finding out what they are may require a little sleuthing. That was the case with the following 19 objects, and the Internet pulled through to find the answer.

1. Electric Massager from the 1920s

Yes, They Did Have These Massagers in the 1920s and They Were Used for a Variety of Purposes.

2. Cuneiform tablet from the Louvre

This little piece of history is actually a replica of a cuneiform tablet. You can often purchase them as a souvenir at museums.

3. Lockout Hasp

This metal object had a plastic round knob and a plastic handle. It’s a lockout hasp. When electricians need to ensure that the breaker is turned off, each electrician must put a lock on this hasp.

4. Mystery Keychain Attachment

These little pieces of metal were identified as keychain attachments.

5. Butcher thumb protector

You may not be able to identify something like this unless you know why it was used. The thumb protector helped keep a butcher from cutting his thumb off with the sharp knives they used.

6. Reflective markers for animal safety

The blue refractive markers brought about some curiosity but they reflect car lights into the fields to keep animals from crossing the road.

7. Handwarmer

These are often used by hunters and others who may be in cold areas. The hand warmer is started by a chemical reaction that heats up the pad. It can be recharged by boiling.

8. Cake decorating tools

These unusual plastic pieces were used for decorating cakes. They could also be used for modeling clay.

9. Baby bottle and glass drainer

This unusual item was used to hold bottles as they drained.

10. Acrylic support tiles for mah-jongg

These unusual mystery sticks turned out to be support tiles for playing mah-jongg

11. Office workstation sensory detector

This little occupancy sensor was mounted under the desk to ensure that someone was there working at all times.

12. Boy Scout Neckerchief Slide

This unusual metal trinket was used to hold the neckerchief around the Boy Scouts’ neck.

13. Bedbug detector

If you notice a red flashing light under the bed at a hotel, it may be a mesh bedbug detector.

14. Calligraphy pen

A long metal pen was used for calligraphy. It is used for drawing with ink or other fluids.

15. Octo mania puzzle

These wooden cubes found in an old cardboard box were actually a type of puzzle called an Octo mania.

16. Leather tools

This unusual item can be used for softening leather and making imprints. It can also be used to cut leather.

17. Hair scissor key adjuster

This unusual adjuster was used for adjusting hair clippers.

18. Shoe polisher

The sponge was soaked in a clear, oily substance to polish shoes.

19. Mosquito repellent

This unusual device was worn around the ankle to repel mosquitoes.