15 Enormous Hairdos From The 1960s We Have Tried To Forget

If there is one thing that is consistent about people, it’s the fact that they change on a regular basis. One thing that may have been popular at one time quickly changes and suddenly, everybody is going in the exact opposite direction. As we look back through recent history, we see that some of those styles are not only different, they actually take us by surprise that we ever followed that trend in the first place. One of the ways that this is most pronounced is when we look at the hairstyles from the 1960s. Some people called them a beehive while others called a bouffant hairdo but in either case, we have to wonder what they were thinking.

In the United States, they became popular thanks to Jackie Kennedy. Her bouffant hairdo was so popular at that time that everybody seemed to want to follow the trend. In fact, they even took things to the next level and everybody absolutely loved it! As hair was continuing to reach new heights, the beauty salons were no doubt overpowered by this obsession with big hair. Sometimes it would take an entire day to get ready for an evening with such a hairdo.

Although we applaud the dedication of those women from half a century ago, it’s alarming when we look back at the pictures. Were these styles comfortable and were they an everyday fashion? Let’s take a look at some of the options from the 1960s.

1. Could this be the first mullet?

2. She looks like a Buckingham palace guard

3. Perfect for running because you don’t have any wind resistance

4. We call this one the horseshoe

5. She carries a pillow with her everywhere she goes

6. The wave on a young Dolly Parton

7. Marie Antoinette eat your heart out

8. Who do you think they tore out of this picture?

9. The 1960s prom Queen

10. If it fell forward her face would disappear

11. It’s probably very bad for your neck

12. How would you get through a doorway?

13. It’s the football helmet hairdo

14. That hair is huge

15. She looks like an alien

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