Woman Adopts 4 Biological Siblings And Completely Changes Their Lives

One of the greatest joys that we can have in life is to become a parent. There is nothing quite like bringing a new youngster into the world and having them become a part of your family. Many families around the world, however, choose not to have children of their own for one reason or another. In those cases, they may decide that adopting children is the best choice but most families can really only adopt one or two children at the most. That is why this woman from Philadelphia is so amazing in our eyes because she adopted 4 biological siblings.

The amount of children that are in the foster care system is really mind-blowing. Many of them have other siblings that are in the same system, but one of them may get adopted and the other one stays put. This woman decided that four children would have the opportunity to have a forever home so Bobby Floyd adopted the biological siblings and she is planning on going back to adopt the remaining two. She made the decision after her husband passed away in 2014 and started fostering some of the children. She wanted to make her home a permanent part of their lives.

She provided an interview with the local news, saying: “I realized they were going to separate them and my whole thing was keeping the kids together because I know how hard it was to keep siblings together. Never realizing that there were six. It just so happened that I found siblings with six of them. I kept them all together.” As you can imagine, there is never a dull moment in their home!

Serenity is one of the children who was adopted and she said, “We all, we’re all together now!” She went on to add, “I didn’t want to keep going to the system and travel to different homes to homes so I asked her, ‘Can I be adopted?” That is where Bobby Floyd decided to help. She started out being a foster care mom and eventually, decided that she was going to be their forever mom. You can see more in the following video: