Siblings Face Each Other On The Ice To Perform Risky Routine

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a spectator sport? Some people might think about football or baseball but the fact of the matter is, there are many different sports that are well worth watching. For some people, it is the competition but in the end, it’s all about watching somebody who has special skills. That is why figure skating is such an impressive sport and it is one that millions of people enjoy.

We often marvel at figure skaters who are able to glide across the ice effortlessly. Some teams are a husband and wife and others may just be team members, but for John and Sinead Keer, it is all about family. This skating duo are brother and sister but when they hit the ice, you would never know that they were siblings. In fact, they perform so beautifully together that you might even have a difficult time believing that they are touching the ice.

This brother and sister team are Scottish skating partners and they’ve learned a thing or two about being out on the ice. One thing that they definitely know how to do is entertain a crowd.

Since they perform a freestyle type of dancing on the ice, they’ve taken the sport of figure skating and raised it a notch. Admittedly, it could have been disastrous to bring a brother and sister out onto the ice together but when this sport is choreographed properly, it can take your breath away.

It would seem as if the pair was on fire when they performed at the World Figure Skating Championships in Sweden. This performance, from 2008, saw both of them showing up on the ice wearing skirts but in the case of John, it was a traditional kilt. The Scottish music went right along with the costume and although it may have been conventional, there was nothing ordinary about their routine.

Perhaps one of the more interesting parts of the routine is when Sinead is upside down and hanging onto her brother for dear life. She only holds on with one hand but John doesn’t use any hands! The crowd absolutely loved it.

In the end, they receive their reward from the judges. Of course, it’s not only the judges who were impressed, it is the audience and now the Internet.

Watch their dance performance in this awesome video: