Preemie Baby Born At 24 Weeks Weighing Only 1lb Celebrates Her Triumphant First Birthday

Baby Amina was born an incredible 16 weeks early after her mom went into labor only 24 weeks into her pregnancy. Doctors were unsure if she would survive being born, let alone make it to her first birthday. Mom Taylor Dobson described her premature baby’s heart defect and a brain bleed, which no one believed she could survive. However, doctors were able to use innovative methods to save baby Amina’s life.

“The night before Amina was born, I was admitted to the labor ward and told that I was having contractions, but that they would try to stop them by using magnesium for the next 24 hours,” Taylor explained.

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“They assured me that I should stop the labour process from happening. I was admitted around 5 p.m and my contractions kept getting closer and closer all night long. By 9 a.m my doctor came in and did an ultrasound of Amina saying that she was actually kicking herself out of my cervix.

“They told me I had an infection and that she needed to be delivered via an emergency C-section immediately or she was at risk of catching it too.”

However, their pre-emptive measures didn’t work. Nevertheless, doctors continued to try their hardest to keep the 1lb 10oz baby alive. They then found a plastic sandwich bag and placed the child inside to keep her warm. Apparently, this unusual practice mimics a mother’s womb, and it seemed to work like a charm!

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“Amina spent five days intubated with a ventilator before moving to a CPAP breathing machine,” Taylor explained. “After she was on CPAP, I was able to hold her and do skin-to-skin every day.

“I would make sure I came to the hospital at least two, sometimes three or four times a day. Amina did amazingly well in her first few days – they call it the ‘honeymoon stage’ where things can appear really good, then go bad.”

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But, things continued to go well! When baby Amina was finally discharged, she weighed roughly three pounds. Better yet, her brain bleed and heart defect healed all on their own!

“Since she’s been home, she has thrived in every single way possible,” said her mom. “Amina no longer needs to see a cardiologist, optimologist, or any speciality doctor. She’s now one and as healthy as can be.”

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Recently, Amina celebrated her first birthday! Doctors never expected this little girl to see her birthday, but it’s looking like she’s going to be celebrating many more to come. However, this birthday’s always going to be extra special for her mom.

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