Ellen Hears The Story Of A Deaf Woman And Gives Her A Gift She Will Never Forget

We live in a world of possibilities and there are things available today that can change people’s lives that weren’t available just a few, short years ago. Sometimes, the technological advances that we have in front of us cannot only make a difference, but they can also save us from a lifetime of suffering. That is the case with Sarah Churman. She is a wife and mother but up until recently, she had not heard a single sound in her life. She was born deaf and had lived for 34 years without hearing anything.

Sarah longed for the ability to listen to laughter or to hear the chirping of birds, things that many of us take for granted. That is why she was so excited when a new implant was made available on the market and it held out the promise of helping her to hear. When she found out about it, she couldn’t wait to try it.

The unfortunate reality about this technology is the fact that it is very expensive. Sarah simply wasn’t able to afford the $30,000 per ear price tag that came along with it. She wanted to have both ears done but, quite honestly, affording one ear was going to be difficult enough.

She was brainstorming with her husband to see how it could happen but they just couldn’t seem to fit it into the budget. Their family and friends understood what they were going through and then a loved one made a gesture that caught them off guard.

Sarah’s mother-in-law said that she would be willing to help her purchase one of the operations, and it was an amazing offer.

The problem was, the money had to be taken out of her retirement account. Her mother-in-law was aware of what it meant for Sarah to finally hear the sounds of the children.

That is when she made the plans to take the money out of the account so that one of the operations could take place. After all, one operation is better than none.

It was then that Ellen DeGeneres got involved. She had heard about the story of Sarah and she knew that she had to talk to her. Sarah came on the show, obviously nervous and a little hesitant to speak about her problem.

There was something that Sarah didn’t know. Ellen knew a little more than what she was telling her. Sarah also didn’t realize that there would be a surprise involved.

As you watch the video below, you can see the moment that the camera pans over to Sarah’s mother-in-law. Sarah suddenly breaks down in tears at what is revealed next.

Watch the video and see the emotional moment that will bring you to tears as well:

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