Sweet 8-Year-Old Boy Helps His Best Friend Walk Again After Car Crash

There are times when all of us could use a helping hand and it often starts when we are very young in life. From day-to-day, we may need somebody to help support us in an emotional way but when we are in an accident, we need some physical support as well. This often comes from first responders, including paramedics and the nurses and doctors that care for us at the hospital. Eventually, a rehabilitation specialist may play a key role in helping us to get back on our feet.

Although everybody in that chain of individuals can play a part in helping us when we have an accident, the support of family and friends is going to play a key role as well. That was experienced by Tara Monday and her two children, Rush and Leila, recently. They were driving in Greensboro, North Carolina when they had a head-on collision after another driver swerved into their lane. Both Layla and Tara were admitted and discharged but seven-year-old Rush had internal injuries that required surgery.

That is where Quinton comes in. He is his best friend and at only eight years old, he was quite emotional when he found out that his buddy had been in an accident. His mother, Shamicka Neal said that he broke down in tears, but she told him to be strong and pull himself together before they went to the hospital. She said: “he was like, ‘Okay, Mommy, I’m gonna be strong so Rush can be strong.”

Rush had been bedridden for a number of days and as anyone could tell you, it can be a very difficult situation. He wasn’t very motivated to get up and try walking but then his best friend came into the room. The two of them were seen walking arm in arm along the hallway in the hospital and the image is certain to melt your heart.

These were the baby steps that Rush needed and within a few days, he was the guest of honor at a party that would celebrate his recovery. These two friends were standing alongside each other with many family members and friends.

Quinton was willing to do much more to help his little friend. He wanted to get his spirits back up, so they played.

Rush is now back home and ready to return to school. Soon, his time in the hospital will be nothing more than a memory but the photo of how his friend, Quinton, helped him will remain in his history forever.

Tara wrote the following on Facebook:

“This world is a better place because of their love for one another.”

Someday, these boys are going to look back on the picture and know how they had the best start with their friendship.

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