Quadruplet Mom Amazed By Huge Internet Reaction After Posting Her Before and After Photos

A mother of four adorable quadruplets recently admitted that she was first “shocked” when she learned how often people shared a cute side-by-side Christmas photo featuring her four babies and their older brother. Lindsay first met Syman, her husband, while the two were on vacation abroad, and from there, they began a whirlwind romance that never ended. After Syman moved to the U.S to be with Lindsay, they started their new life together. The happy couple soon had their first child, Carson. And they had plans to continue growing their family, as both wished for a huge family.

However, before Lindsay would give birth to her quadruplets, she went through a harrowing journey. In their attempt to conceive another child, Lindsay suffered five miscarriages. The couple enlisted the help of fertility specialists and doctors, but it felt like it was no use. Lindsay began to believe she would never hold another newborn baby in her arms again. But that’s when a miracle happened, four to be exact!

When Lindsay discovered she was pregnant with quadruplets, the soon-to-be mother of four was floored. But, she stills struggled with the emotional scars left over from her five previous miscarriages. Lindsay said:

As if she wasn’t under enough stress, Lindsay’s doctors advised that she consider terminating one or more of her babies. They said that the risks might be too high because of her smaller build. However, Lindsay doggedly fought hard to keep all four of her children and carried them as long as possible.

The doctors had to perform a particular procedure after Lindsay’s cervix thinned too much when she was 20 weeks old. And four days after she gave birth to her beautiful quadruplets, Lindsay decided to post before and after pictures on social media.

And soon, her moving images, along with her caption, went viral! Lindsay wrote in her post:

And throughout her pregnancy, Lindsay routinely documented her ever-expanding tummy, sharing updates to her many followers about how she was dealing with her changing body.

Then, at 26 weeks, she shared how she gained 49lbs while pregnant, explaining how she felt the equivalent of being fifty weeks pregnant and joked how her stomach was now covered with “500 stretch marks.”

After the birth of her quadruplets on July 23, Lindsay shared how they were all delivered through a C-section and said that the operation “went perfectly.”

She also said that all four babies weighed between three pounds one ounce and three pounds 12 ounces.

While doctors kept her little angels in the NICU for months after they were born, Lindsay said that she and her husband could still bring Caden and Madison home on September 7, while their siblings Grayson and Lucas would join them two days later.

You can watch part one of Lindsay’s story told in her own words in the video below.

Here is part two.

And, here’s a video covering the birth of her quadruplets.

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