Dad Films Energetic Twins Kicking Around Inside Their Pregnant Mom’s Belly

In 2013, a dad captured some amazing videos of his pregnant wife’s very active belly and uploaded the footage to YouTube. The happy couple, both anticipating the arrival of twins that year, were used to the frantic activity going on in mom’s womb. However, many folks in the comment section were blown away by how active their energetic unborn twins were in there!

In the video, the babies start moving even before the mom’s aware of what’s going on. In fact, babies can begin to wiggle, flip, and stretch their evergrowing limbs as early as week eight of pregnancy.

Today Parent reports that the fetus’ first noticeable movements are called “agile.” This movement feels sort of like popcorn popping inside her belly, gas moving, or muscles twitching.

First-time moms often become aware of their pregnancy between weeks 16 and 22 of their pregnancy.

And if you’ve given birth before, it’s possible to notice a pregnancy as soon as week 12. The abdominal wall starts to dilate sooner, allowing women to notice fetal movements earlier than is the case for first-time moms.

As the babies continue to grow, their kicks become much more noticeable. And by week 28, your friends and family should also be able to feel the baby kick. Babies who are at this stage of their development usually move around at least six times each hour.

And eventually, mom’s comfy apartment becomes too small for the little ones.

They start moving less, but those movements become more and more pronounced. It’s not uncommon to notice the outline of a baby’s arm, hand, foot, or leg during these movements.

But, for twins, things can get especially tight in there, and the video below shows just how much two babies can move around inside their mom’s womb. The mother in the video is probably glad she’s lying down when her little ones start kicking around!

Folks were blown away by these energetic twins.

The energetic movements children exhibit in the womb are much more than a cute display. They can also indicate the health status of the infants. And as you’ll see, these twins are pretty healthy! Take a look.

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