Wedding Goes From Dull To Jumpin’ When Energetic Flower Girl Hits Dance Floor

Weddings are perhaps the most planned out events most people will ever experience in their personal lives. There are so many ceremonies and traditions that go into these events that people often hire professional “wedding coordinators” to make sure everything goes smoothly. Let’s see; you have catering, flower arrangements, seating arrangements, decorations, not to mention color themes, and clothes — to name a few things. Weddings can be pretty stressful, especially for brides who often take hours getting ready and looking their very best. These women then have to maintain their perfect look through hours of exhausting ceremonies. Meanwhile, grooms pretty much fix their hair, throw on their tux, shake hands and smile.

However, weddings can also be pretty dull affairs — especially for kids! Often you can have folks just standing or sitting around while the music plays with no one daring to set foot on the dance floor. Well, on little flower girl decided enough was enough. If the adults weren’t going to get the party started, she would have to do it all be her little ole’ self!

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No Adults Wanna Dance, No Problem!

The first song, “Baby” by Justin Bieber, looked like the flower girl was more than happy to boogie down all by herself. And when a grown-up tried to join her, he couldn’t keep up with her frantic pace and gracefully bowed out to be a spectator.

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From that point, the floor was all hers, and she owned it with relish while the adults clapped and laughed themselves silly.

But, it wasn’t long before she decided to take this dance party to the next level!

It’s On Now!

The mood suddenly changed once the DJ started blasting the famous dance anthem “Gangnam Style.” As soon as “Baby” began to fade from the speakers replaced by “Gangnam Style,” the little flower girl kicked her dancing into high gear!

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This sweet little angel began rocking out to her favorite tune, making all the 20 and 30 somethings in the room feel ancient. She danced with so much energy that her satin bow went flying! But, she didn’t care as she pumped her little legs and shook her hips in perfect time to the music.

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A Wedding To Remember

It was her time to shine, and the flower girl knew it. Pulling out all the stops, she was dancing up a storm, and folks were whipping out their phones left and right to record her!

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Guests cheered and encouraged her as the little dancing machine hopped and spun across the dance floor. You could tell she was right at home and having a ball showing off her impressive moves.

Shut It Down!

The little girl’s parents were sitting back watching their daughter steal the show as proud as can be. And who wouldn’t be proud of such a fearless and charismatic child?

As her song came to a close, the flower girl pulled off her final dance move — a big split that brought the crowd to their feet!

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You can check out this flower girl rocking the party in the video below.

Now that’s how you party, people! Can you imagine how many wedding invites she got after this performance? Please be sure to pass this adorable story along to your friends and family.