Viral ‘Florida Man’ Challenge Turns Hilarious For Everyone Who Gets Involved

It’s strange, but one thing that tends to make us all feel better is looking at the issues that other people have had. It is especially true recently of individuals in Florida, because the arrest records are publicly available and we have plenty of ‘Florida man’ stories to pass around.

Every time a new Florida headline hits the page, it seems as if there is a new opportunity to create A Marvel universe around it. It includes the characters, the motivations and all of the impossible things that only our imagination could ever come up with. Twitter accounts have been dedicated to digging up the weirdest and darkest stories coming out of Florida, and the state has plenty of them.

In keeping with the appreciation, the Internet seems to have with Florida headlines, one Twitter user started to challenge that has people googling their birthday along with “Florida Man” and then posting the results.

It wasn’t long before the twitter thread filled up because everyone seems to enjoy doing this.

Not all of them are funny, as some are a little bit sad but they all tell an interesting story.

There were also some wholesome responses out there.

This is one you have to try for yourself.