Vintage Candid Camera Classic Clip Of Gorgeous Teacher From 1965

Although we may do many things online, one of the most popular pastimes for anybody with an Internet connection is to watch online videos. In fact, millions of videos are watched every day online and it doesn’t appear as if it is going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, it is gaining in popularity and people who at one time were bloggers or developed websites for other reasons are now turning to video in order to appease their audience.

Of course, the Internet wasn’t the first introduction that people had to video. They were watching movies and watching shows on television for many years before the Internet was even around. It was interesting to see some of the things that they came out with, especially when you look back five decades or so. Some of those videos are still classics down to this day, not only because they are hilarious but because it was interesting to see how people are people, regardless of what generation they were in.

One of the shows that was very popular several decades ago was Candid Camera. The show would hide a camera somewhere and then people would be put in a situation where they would do strange or unusual things. The camera would capture everything and then it would be shared on a show that was on TV every week. It was insanely popular, which isn’t a surprise, because we still see videos like that online today.

Candid Camera not only gives us a peek into the past, it also shows us something about human nature. Although we may think that people change from one generation to the next, people are people, regardless of how old they happen to be. That is sure to be your reaction when you see the children reacting to a gorgeous teacher on hidden camera. Even though it took place many decades ago, the reactions are going to be very familiar to us.