The Sleeping Trucker Finally Had Enough Of The Joggers

One of the more frustrating things we may have to deal with is when we are interrupted from a deep sleep. Truck drivers often find themselves in situations where sleep interruptions happen regularly.

We have one of those situations in the form of a joke that is sure to make you laugh out loud. It involves a truck driver who just wanted to get some shut-eye but he kept getting interrupted by passing joggers early in the morning.

Finally, he had enough of the interruptions and he came up with a plan that would stop them in their tracks. Little did he know that his plan would backfire in the funniest way.

After driving for about sixteen hours a trucker decides to pull over and sleep for a little while.

As soon as he falls asleep, he is awoken by some knocks on the door of the cab.

“Can you tell me the time, please?” asks a jogger.

“Yeah, it’s 4:30,” answers the trucker.

He falls asleep again, but he is awoken again by another jogger who wants to know the time.

“It’s 4:40!” yells the trucker.

Deciding to really try to sleep a little, he writes on a piece of paper: “I DON’T KNOW THE TIME”, and sticks the paper in his windshield.

But he is awoken again…

“It’s 5:25!” another jogger yells at him.