School Rings Dad About His Daughter’s ‘Accident’, Dad Arrives To Pick Her Up With His Own ‘Accident’

We are going to face a lot of difficulties in our life but when we are young, there is a problem that most of us experience sooner or later. It’s having an ‘accident’ and sometimes, it happens at the most inconvenient time. That is what happened to Valerie Sowards at school. She was only five years old and when it happened, she started crying and wanted to go home.

Her father, Ben, received a call from the teacher who informed him about the accident and to come and pick up his daughter. In his words, his heart “kind of just broke” and he was quick to go get her. He did something that most people would consider unusual before he went and picked her up at school that day. You see, he is the father of 11 children and he knows how difficult this type of situation can be. That is why he splashed water on the front of his pants before he went off to pick her up from school.

After arriving at school, Ben asked for his daughter’s backpack so he could cover up his own ‘accident’. When she looked up at him, she was smiling and suddenly, her own problem didn’t seem quite so large.

After everything calmed down, Lucinda, Valerie’s older sister posted the pictures on Twitter. We can absolutely understand why they went viral.

Everybody was on board with what this father did for his daughter. They gave him an A+ for his efforts and said it was “absolutely fantastic” and the “cutest thing ever.”

There is no doubt that he deserves an award for what he did for his daughter that day. He seems to have a knack for making his children feel better when problems occur. Lucinda had a black eye from ice-skating a few years ago and he painted his own eye black and then FaceTimed her.

If you’re going to have parenting goals, it always helps to have a role model. It seems as if this father has his act together.

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