The Funniest Hollywood Squares Answers From Paul Lynde

When was the last time you spent an afternoon watching game shows? It really doesn’t matter if it was yesterday or several years ago, it seems as if they have been a part of our lives in some way or another for many decades. After all, some of the game shows are so popular that they have lasted for almost as long as game shows have been on TV. Perhaps you might think about shows, such as The Price Is Right or Family Feud. When you watch those shows, it isn’t just a matter of watching the contestants win or lose, you also get to know the host as well.

One of the game shows that was popular several decades ago but is no longer on television is Hollywood Squares. It was a rather interesting concept for a game show because it was like playing a large-scale game of tic-tac-toe. Nine celebrities would be behind the tic-tac-toe squares and they would be asked a question by the host, giving them the opportunity to either give the proper answer or fake the answer if they didn’t know it. The contestants would then have to say if the celebrity was right or not in their answer in order to win the square.

Many of the questions that were asked of the celebrities were slanted in such a way that they could give a funny answer. In fact, they had some of the more comedic celebrities on for that very reason. One of those, and the one who was undoubtedly the most popular was Paul Lynde. When he was asked a question, you never quite knew what he was going to say.

Although Hollywood Squares is no longer on television, you can still watch the videos on YouTube. We have one of those videos below and it is some of the funniest responses that Paul ever gave. It must’ve been a lot of fun to be on that show and we get to relive those moments from many decades ago through the following video: