Someone Farts During A Serious Meeting And They Can’t Stop Laughing

Remember back when you were in school and you were in a very serious situation? Perhaps it was in the middle of a test or you were trying to do your best to listen to what the teacher had to say. All it takes is for one of your classmates to pass gas and before you know it, all seriousness has just gone out the window. In fact, the harder you try not to laugh, the more difficult it is to stop laughing.

Although we would like to think that those issues may have stayed in our youth, it seems as if they may have followed us on into adulthood as well. If you have any doubts to the truthfulness of that statement, they will melt away as you watch this video of a community meeting where they are discussing something rather serious. When somebody breaks wind in the middle of meeting, nobody is able to hold back their laughter.

This video is not only amusing to watch because of what took place in the background, hearing people laugh like this makes it difficult not to laugh yourself. Maybe it’s time that we just give up trying to be adults and revert back to a more enjoyable time in life.