Parenting Project Requires Teens To Take Fake Babies Home, Teacher Shares Their Desperate Texts

No matter what generation they live in, most teens have always had some pretty strange misconceptions about what it’s like to raise a baby. Unlike toddlers and small children, babies are a completely different type of challenge. They don’t understand a word you’re saying, so begging, yelling, and trying to reason with them will do you no good. The only way to quiet them is to fulfill their needs, or else you might as well prepare for some throbbing eardrums. Students at Chippewa Secondary School learned this life lesson the hard way, and many folks out there are enjoying every moment of their misery. They had an opportunity to take their little bundles of joy home for a weekend test drive. However, as it turns out, that was more than enough time for their learning experience into their worst nightmare!

A lot of the children text their instructor. Some needed answers to a few basic questions, while others seemed just to need a shoulder to cry on. The text messages perfectly captured the desperation, agony, torment, and resentment these teens spiraled into during what was a very, very long weekend. “Our students are in a grade 11 class called Raising Healthy Children,” the teacher of the class, Andrea Lefebvre told Bored Panda. “The students bring home one of the Real Care babies for the weekend to apply their learning for the caring for a newborn unit.”

Lefebvre also noted that the babies do cry (a lot) and require that the teens rock, hold, burp, change their diapers, and feed them regularly. These smart dolls are also designed to detect and record temperatures as well as rough handling and abuse. It seems like the only thing these babies don’t need is for the teens to wipe their snotty noses. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if that feature’s added in a future update.

“Our school board (Near North District School Board) owns the babies and each school accesses them through the year for their classes,” Lefebvre added. “Lots of use!”

“Students look forward to this unit when they register for the course. We really love this unit. Great discussions and real-life learning.”

The purpose of Parenting Education is to help prepare students for the adventure of parenthood. The material taught in these classes may vary from one school to the next. Courses can range from behavior-management to relationship enhancement tactics. That said, these programs all share the same principle view, which is that parents play a vital role in the development of children, and they can do a much better job with the right training and education.

“Through the chaos that is child-rearing, we can reach out to find support, find humor in the crazy situations and with love and guidance, know that our kids will be ok!” Lefebvre concluded.

P.S. “Lucy survived and the data showed the students did very well.”

Here are just a couple of the hysterical texts sent by her students.








Meanwhile, amused Parents online enjoyed some delicious schadenfreude while reading the desperate texts.

Source: Bored Panda