One Unlucky Woman Washes Her Hair And Lands Herself In The ER

We all know people who tend to fall into the ‘unlucky’ category. It may seem as if they do things just the same as everybody else but before you know it, lady luck is frowning on them, often in some rather interesting ways. Perhaps we have heard some of their stories and they usually have a new story, each and every time we run into them. These are the people that tend to have random bruises and they couldn’t even tell you where they came from.

I guess all of us are unlucky every once in a while but sometimes, we hear about somebody who has such a bad streak of luck that it makes even unlucky people feel like the luckiest person alive. I’ll be the first one to admit that random accidents do occur but for Reddit user TheFlyingPigSquadron, however, things went from bad to worse in an incredibly short amount of time. She shared her story with others, which began as a simple shower to wash her long hair and in the end, she was in the emergency room.

It wasn’t long before an update on the details followed.

Then the second update.

She shared a story from her days in high school, showing that Luck was not her friend.

I guess we can all feel a little better about ourselves.

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