Old Men Swap Tips On Staying Sharp In Their Golden Years

There may be numerous problems we face as we get older but one that comes up more often than most is the fact that we tend to forget things more frequently. It doesn’t matter if it is for getting a special day or forgetting where we left our car keys, it can be a frustrating situation.

Sometimes, what we really need is some good advice on how to remember things more easily. Perhaps we can take a page out of the book of these two old men who were talking and the subject came up.

Not everybody is going to forget everything in life but these two forget more than most. The best thing is, it’s one of the funniest jokes we have heard in a long time and it will leave you smiling.

Two elderly couples have their weekly meet-up at a table in their local park.

They take a seat, and the ladies chat with one another across the table, as do the gents.

Fred asks Harold, “Are you still going to that memory clinic?”

Harold says, “Yes, it’s been helping my memory a lot. I recommend you come along to our next session.”

“What do they do there?” asks Fred.

“They teach us to remember things through word association,” replies Harold.

Fred says, “I might have to give it a try. What’s the name of the clinic?”

Harold pauses for a while, trying to remember,

he says, “Ummm, ahh, hang on… um… what’s the name of that beautiful flower, the one that has thorns?”

Fred says, “That’d be a rose, Harold.

Harold turns to his wife and says, “Rose! what’s the name of that clinic I go to?”