Mom Uses The Bible To Defend Not Vaccinating Her Children And The Internet Can’t Take It

One of the debates that perhaps gets people riled more than any other is over vaccinating children. There are always going to be differing opinions and most people are able to stand by what they say, giving a strong argument in their defense. Those people are not often going to be swayed by what others have to say, even if the argument is a good one. Then again, every once in a while, we hear an argument that falls way short of the mark.

In this particular case, a mother came online to defend her right not to vaccinate her children. Admittedly, she does have the right not to do so but her argument is one that attracted a lot of attention that she probably didn’t want. Some people will not vaccinate their children because they have fears of vaccine injury or allergy. They may also wonder if their children are sensitive to vaccinations and there is always an argument that it can cause some serious problems. That being said, this mother decided that she didn’t want to vaccinate her children because she had religious backing. In her argument, the Bible didn’t mention vaccines so there is no reason to vaccinate your children.

This mother is what you would refer to as an anti-vaxxer. She discovered something that was so incredible she had to share it with the world so she posted a video on Facebook. In the short clip, she discussed her beliefs and was roasted as a result.

She said something in the video that really got people’s attention. Here it is: “I just decided to just Google what the Bible says about vaccination. There’s nothing in the Bible that talks about vaccines. So I just want you guys to think about that.”

“So if God knew in the future that he was going to help create these amazing things that were going to just change our health and be the best scientific advancement that’s just ‘oh my gosh they’re so great!’ Like… why isn’t there anything, any inkling, of talk about these things called vaccinations coming into being later to save people?”

“If that was really God’s plan and they’re so amazing then why isn’t it in there at all? Maybe there’s a chapter where they talk about this injection – like this health injection – right?”

“Like why didn’t God talk about that if he knew it was going to come and save the world? I really believe that believing in vaccines is a mental disorder.”

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