Man Using Google Maps Street View to Plan Romantic Surprise for Wife, Files for Divorce After Catching Her Cheating

A man wished to surprise his wife with a romantic getaway, only to discover an ugly truth that would ultimately destroy their marriage.

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It turns out that Google Maps isn’t just good for directions; it can also be used to catch cheaters red-handed.

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In 2018, Australian outlet reported on a man who caught his spouse cheating while using the app to find the perfect tourist destination he and his wife could visit while on their romantic vacation.

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While using the “street view” feature to understand the area’s layout better, he saw a familiar figure sitting on a bench with another man’s head in her lap.

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As he navigated the Bridge of Sighs in Barranco, Peru, the husband noticed a woman sitting on a bench with a man laying down with his head in her lap.

While both of their faces were blurred, a regular practice by Google when they capture a person, the man instantly recognized his wife’s clothes, hair, and body shape.

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In the picture, she appears to be stroking another man’s hair while they sit together in a very intimate way.

Even though the photo was taken in 2013, the man decided to confront her with the evidence of her past adultery.

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And she eventually confessed to cheating, reports the Peruvian outlet La Cronica.

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The husband would later file for divorce that same year.

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Google street view utilizes multi-lens cameras mounted on cars to capture multiple perspectives of a mapped street.


The program was created in 2007 and launched in five major U.S. cities. Today, it’s in over 80 countries.

You can watch a video about this crazy story below.

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