James Corden Pranks David Beckham With Fake Statue And It’s Hilariously Awkward

Many of us enjoy a good prank, especially if we are the one pulling it. Then again, if we are pulling a prank, it’s always fun to watch somebody else doing it. In fact, the only time that we may not appreciate a good prank is when it is played on us. You might think that a prank is a prank but in reality, some of the most elaborate jokes involve a lot more than just pulling something on your good friend. It might involve everything from a hidden camera to a lot of actors in order for it to be pulled off successfully.

That is where James Corden comes in. Most of us recognize that he can certainly be a jokester and we have often enjoyed his efforts on his late show. He recently heard that David Beckham had not seen the finalized version of a statue that LA Galaxy was going to reveal during an upcoming ceremony. It was too much for the talkshow host to ignore, saying: “I thought it might be fun to switch out the real statue with one that we made a little less flattering.”

There are a number of ways that you might know you have pulled off the ‘perfect prank’. One of the ways is that look of amazement that comes over the face of the individual who is the target. You also have the extreme pleasure of listening to others who were in on the joke enjoying every moment of it. I think that they hit every high point and you will have to agree when you watch the following, hilarious video: