Man Realizes That Jigsaw Puzzle Companies Use Same Patterns And Creates Hilarious Mashups

People may enjoy a wide variety of different types of puzzles but sometimes, there is nothing like sitting down and enjoying putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Some of them are relatively easy and can go together in a matter of hours but others may take a lot of concentration as you sift through hundreds of pieces that look very similar to each other. In the end, you have a finished product that you can be proud of or, you may have a frustrating pile of pieces that just don’t seem to fit.

Tim Klein is an individual from Vancouver, Washington and he enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles. As an artist, his favorite jigsaw puzzles are images, such as those painted by Salvador Dalí. He has been putting puzzles together for a very long time and he found something that many people don’t realize. The same cutting molds are used by jigsaw companies to make their puzzle pieces. All he needed to do is find out which ones interlocked from different puzzles and you have a recipe for something rather interesting.

Mel Andriga is an art professor that told Klein about the jigsaw puzzles having the same patterns back in the 1980s. After reading about his work, he was inspired to make his own jigsaw puzzle mash-ups.

“I take great pleasure in ‘discovering’ such bizarre images lying latent, sometimes for decades, within the pieces of ordinary mass-produced puzzles,” Klein says. “As I shift the pieces back and forth, trying different combinations, I feel like an archaeologist unearthing a hidden artifact.”

Take a look down through the results, they are rather strange.

1. Train and a horse

2. A bulldozer cow

3. A church amusement park

4. King Tut and a semi-truck

5. One strange rabbit

6. Vintage Coke and a puppy

7. Vintage Coke, a puppy and a waterfall

8. Fishing for crosswords

9. A mountain plantation

10. Summer and winter

11. Budweiser teddy bear

12. Tiger elephant

13. A cat and a Christmas present

14. Dog clown

15. T-Rex train

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