Dean Martin Shows Up Drunk For The Johnny Carson Show In 1975

Have you ever been interested in watching talk shows? There certainly are a lot to choose from and over the years, there are many of those talk shows that have come and gone. One of the most iconic of all time, however, was the Tonight show and the host was Johnny Carson. People absolutely love his show, regardless of whether it was turning on to watch him do his monologue at the beginning or if it was watching him interview some of the most interesting people at that time.

At times, Johnny Carson would have a celebrity on his show and they would surprise him and the audience. One of those individuals was undoubtedly when he did an interview with Dean Martin. He probably should’ve known that things could’ve gone bad from the start when Dean Martin came out on the stage with a glass in his hand. Although you might know that having a glass in his hand was his signature, it actually seemed as if he had been drinking a little bit too much this particular night. As they say, things went downhill from there.

At first, it seemed as if he was having a good time but as anyone who might be too drunk to do a talk show, he got out of hand quickly. It was not only Dean Martin that was on the show that night, you can even see Bob Hope sitting beside him, and he was undoubtedly one of the best known celebrities of the time. Dean Martin continued to go downhill and eventually, it almost got the show canceled.

It’s hard to believe that this clip is from 1975. Many of the people who were on stage and perhaps in the audience at the time have since passed away, but the memory continues to burn strong. You can see it for yourself in the following video and get a chuckle over a very uncomfortable situation.

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