Cops Pull Woman Over For Having A Man In The Back Of Her Truck – Inside A Dog Cage

Many people hear strange news and they automatically think that it must be coming out of Florida. The truth is, strange news does not always originate from our neighbor to the south but then again, when it does come from Florida, it is likely to be shockingly strange. If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary to distract you today, this Florida-born story is sure to do it. It seems as if the police pulled over a truck, but it wasn’t because they were speeding.

As it turns out, there was a man locked inside a dog cage in the back of the Ford F150 and the female driver was now about to be questioned. I’m sure you have your own version of the story in your head by now but, as they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Fortunately, this story was strange enough to find it’s way on Facebook for the world to enjoy.

You would think they would have seen this one coming. After all, it is probably questionable to have a man riding in the back of an open pickup truck, let alone having him locked inside of a dog cage. In the end, they are probably embarrassed, especially when the truth was revealed.

I guess the man had too much to drink the night before and stumbled into the cage in the back of the truck, thinking it was his apartment. I guess we’ve all made that mistake before. Or maybe he thought he was a rabid dog and she was driving him to the pound? That one is just strange enough to be believable.

We’ll have to wait to find the truth, if it ever is known.

Source: Rare

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