Artist Puts The Good News From 2018 Into These Brilliant Illustrations

When you turn on the news in the evening what do you hear? More than likely, it is one bad story after and other and it just seems to be getting worse. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you are searching the internet for your news, checking social media or watching it on the TV, it is always going to have a bad slant on it. It gets so bad sometimes that we might even begin to wonder if there is any good news to report. Thankfully, there is.

The problem with news is that bad news sells. Websites and the television rely on advertising to keep them up and running and if the news is bad, people are going to turn in. In the background, however, there are plenty of good news stories happening every day. You might not hear about most of them but if you do a little digging, you are going to find out that they do exist.

In 2018, there were many positive things that happened throughout the year and if you didn’t know where to turn, you might have missed them. Thankfully, an artist named Mauro Gatti took it upon himself to report the good news and it has done it in a way that is going to put an even bigger smile on your face. As you look down through this list of illustrations, you will see that there were many things to smile about last year. Yes, it is 2019 now but you can still smile!

1. You are going to get fined

2. I love it

3. We need more bees

4. This is a great idea

5. The more the merrier

6. Trees are always good news

7. Tech is taking over

8. Good news for dogs

9. Out with the old

10. Take them off the list

11. A step in the right direction

12. This was a great idea

13. No more animals

14. A bit of history

15. Cleaner oceans

16. We know it is bad for you

17. I love honey

18. This is positive

19. Free them

20. A sniff to help

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