Video Goes Viral When Alexa Can’t Understand Little Girl’s ‘Accent’

Some people love technology and other people hate it but regardless of which side of the fence you happen to be standing, you have to admit that technology is here to stay. The majority of it was made to create an easier life for all of us but we all understand that it often falls short of the mark. Sometimes, we don’t have an option but to use the technology that is available to us, and we are inundated with ‘smart’ devices, from our telephones to our televisions.

There are even some home devices that tend to rule us to a certain extent, including Alexa, from Amazon. Any device that is loaded with Alexa is supposed to do anything that we ask. We could ask her to play our favorite song or perhaps to give us information or recite a poem. All that we are supposed to do is ask her to do it and she will do it immediately. Unfortunately, Alexa doesn’t always do exactly what we want.

The little girl in the video below tries her best to listen to her favorite song and she asks Alexa to play it for her. Instead of playing what she wanted, however, Alexa plays everything else imaginable. Perhaps you have had this struggle as an adult with technology but it also happens to the younger generation.

Fortunately, the mother, Cryssy Turner captured it on video and as frustrating it was for the little girl, it is absolutely hilarious for those of us who watch it. When Alexa wouldn’t listen to her, she did what any little girl would do, ask mom for help.

The mother posted the video on her Facebook page with the caption:

“She tries so hard to get Alexa to play her jam. She struggled for at least 5 mins before I even started recording. ?? #babyshark #babygirl #persistence.”

I’ll be the first one to admit that not every computer knows how to speak baby talk and it may be a little hard to understand what she is saying. Ask any parent, however, and they will let you know that she was asking for “baby shark.”

The little girl is so adorable in the video, wearing a bright yellow jacket and a pink hairband. At first, she has her back to the camera and she is busy talking to Alexa who just isn’t understanding what she is saying. Finally, the mother steps up to the plate and tells Alexa what to do.

Perhaps you would think that it was all over but the little girl just gets cuter as the video keeps playing. Pretty soon she is doing the “baby shark” dance and it is absolutely adorable.

Facebook video may take a moment to load:

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