20 Issues You Will Experience during Menopause

As you get older, you will begin hearing about menopause and how it is a natural occurrence in our life. The time that it takes place may differ from one woman to another but most experience the effects when it does happen. After all, the hormonal changes taking place in your body can really have an effect on your mind and body as well.

Many people refer to it as “the change” and they say it is all a part of being a woman. In the back of your mind, however, you know that there has to be more to it because if you feel as if you are being put through the wringer. A woman goes through menopause sometime in life, typically in her 50s but it could happen at any time. There really isn’t a set rule for when it is to begin. The same is also true for how it affects a person. Some women are able to get through menopause quickly and they might not have any serious symptoms while it is happening. For other women, however, the symptoms might not only be severe, they could be life altering. Those symptoms could include hot flashes, mood swings and changes in your weight and appetite. There are many other problems that could occur as well.

Regardless of whether you are talking about night sweats or if you have changed a few sizes in your clothing, it is a time of your life that you are not looking forward to. In fact, the only thing you may be looking forward to is seeing the other side. The following 20 issues are something you can expect during menopause:

1. You will cry at daytime shows

Our hormones tend to make us a little crazy at times

2. Unexpected hair

You may find hair popping up in some rather unusual places, like your chin

3. Staying awake at night

Many women who are going through menopause suffer from insomnia.

4. You love chocolate

You may crave chocolate at all times of your life but it goes to the next level when you are in menopause

5. You gain weight

Perhaps you should just embrace the extra pounds

6. You forget things

You begin forgetting even the most basic things and it can be maddening.

7. Have you totally lost it?

You may begin to wonder if your memory will ever return

8. Acne!

Prepare to revisit your teenage years in a frustrating way

9. You lose your filter

At one time, you could contain your snide comments but now they fly out before you know it

10. Swelling

You may never have noticed your ankles before but now they are gone

11. Mood swings

You switch from being happy to wanting to kill somebody in the snap of a finger

12. No Touching

Suddenly hugs are not your friend

13. You become rude

You used to be able to brush things off but now you just say what is on your mind

14. You feel like you are going insane

By this point, you probably feel like you have lost your mind

15. Hot flashes

You have heard about them before but now they are a reality

16. More hot flashes

Just go ahead and crawl into a refrigerator

17. Sweating

It seems as if you are sweating 24 hours a day

18. Water retention

Even though you are sweating you manage to retain water

19. You can’t stop eating

You eat all day long and could probably eat while you are sleeping

20. Anger

You’ve never been so angry in your life

Via: Aunty Acid

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