19 Students Who Should Have Passed The Class Because Of Their Sense Of Humor

We tend to spend the majority of our first 18 years of life in the school system. During that time, the system molds our minds and hopefully, it does so in a positive way. The unfortunate thing about the school system is that it doesn’t always help individuals to feed their creative side but that doesn’t stop some students from being creative on their own.

When you look back at some of the more interesting individuals in history, you recognize that they thought out-of-the-box to say the least. They may have had experiences similar to us, but the way they handled it was unique, to say the least. Some of them may have been considered dangerous when they were growing up. Perhaps you knew somebody who did a lot of daydreaming as well. It seems that they were in line to be some of the most creative individuals and sometimes, that creativity showed up at a young age.

When you go through the following 19 different images, you will see that humor is alive and well and living in the school system. Just try to look at them without laughing.

1. Apparently, a calculus professor found this on the door of his office

2. Can you provide an example of the risk?

3. They were born naturals

4. Seems like a good use of money

5. He drew a stamp on a letter and mailed it to himself as an art project.

6. University door with a sense of humor.

7. When you get your online diploma in the mail

8. A student told the teacher that a dinosaur would crush his car if he failed him. This is what he saw.

9. Where do you think they got a working chandelier?

10. The Pensacola class of 2015 made their T-shirts

11. This university has a special room for students

12. On a university classroom whiteboard

13. They passed around a pineapple shirt on picture day

14. When you have lots of student debt

15. Communication with Cheetos

16. We have a lot of growing up to do

17. Dr. hedgehog

18. He wears the shirt every Wednesday

19. A family bathroom at the University

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