18 Hilarious Clothing Tags That Will Make You Wonder What The Factory Was Thinking

There are some things in this world that we may consider to be somewhat ordinary and at times, we may even consider them to be downright boring. Perhaps something that never really gets our attention aside from when we are purchasing something is the labels inside of clothing. They can even be a source of frustration, especially if we are dietary challenged. Then again, if you look a little bit closer at what you are seeing, you might even find that clothing tags hold a hilarious secret.

We don’t know if it was a little bit of boredom on the part of the person who put these tags together or perhaps it was just the fact that they wanted to put a smile on somebody’s face but these are 100% perfect. Now that we see them, we will be checking the labels on our clothing every time and looking for something interesting to share with others.

1. They must have tested it

Funny, I wash my clothes by driving them through puddles all of the time. Good thing I read this tag.

2. No animal testing

Typically, I do not approve of animal testing but the thought of animals trying to put on a pair of jeans just makes me smile.

3. You understand

I don’t think I’ve ever read the cleaning instructions on clothes. I just throw them in the washing machine and hit the button. It seems as if moms understand the symbols and now we don’t have to.

4. We appreciate it

It seems as if he had our back on this one. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I bought the suit.

5. Good reminder

Don’t you hate it when your kids end up in the wash? I’m glad that they put this reminder in there, just in case.

6. Good advice.

How could we possibly survive without these labels? Somebody had some creativity for this one.

7. So happy

What would you do if you found this label hiding in your clothing? We deserve congratulations when we do nice things.

8. Sassy

Have you ever been trolled by a clothing tag? If you are having a bad day, this one could make you pack it in and go to bed.

9. Sock instructions

I guess we need some instructions on how to wear socks. It’s amazing, but I bet some people were wondering.

10. How ironic

It is nice to get life advice from a clothing label. I absolutely love this and would follow it to the letter.

11. How lucky

If I saw this label in my clothing I would have to wear it on every first date I went on. Apparently, it goes with everything.

12. Time to dance

Sometimes you may find something random in your clothing and this label would certainly qualify. It just seems to interrupt the instructions and then move on with them.

13. How Handy

When was the last time you really wanted a good salad dressing recipe? Did you ever think that you could have one sewn in your clothing?

14. This is rude

Some tags have an attitude and I would say this one has it in full measure. It is dragging all of us down.

15. Okay then

Sometimes you need a little bit of encouragement to feel great. This tag seems to do it in great measure.

16. I wouldn’t even consider doing it

Pandas are so cute but apparently, some people think they are evil. Imagine having to be told not to slap a panda though.

17. This is good advice

We wholeheartedly agree with this one. Don’t find yourself in an awkward situation by being the only guy who doesn’t have a shirt on.

18. Good advice

Sometimes you just need to be given a little bit of advice so that you don’t do something stupid. This is so cool.

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