16 Hilariously Honest Scribbles From Kids That Busted Their Parents Big Time

If there is one thing that we can always expect out of children, it is honesty. In fact, most children are honest by nature and sometimes, their innocence may make for a rather uncomfortable situation. That is especially true when they describe us to others and we may find ourselves explaining ourselves in a way that we would have never expected to have to do. Children just don’t have any inhibitions and they don’t judge, they just say what is on their mind.

Even though they may not be aware they are doing it, sometimes the truths that they tell about us is not only honest, it is brutal. The way that they do it can be subtle, but it speaks loud and clear to anyone who is looking in that direction. The following 17 examples show you the innocent scribbles of children that exposed some of the most unusual secrets about their parents.

1. A six-year-old daughter drew this about her mother for a school project.

It’s difficult to say everything that is wrong about this picture. On the left, she is a deformed, colorless image but on the right, she looks like a hooker. Honesty at its best.

2. At least everyone is happy

The little kid must really like ice cream. Good thing he is oblivious but then again, the extra detail in the girlfriend says it all.

3. Passive aggressive

I would say this child is on their way to being a typical adult. It looks like they already have the pettiness part down pat.

4. It’s not what you think

This one would make you cringe but it really isn’t what you think. I’m sorry to spoil your fun but the mother is selling a shovel at a garage sale and people are offering her money.

5. Right is right

It may be a little unorthodox but you can’t argue with the logic.

6. Mistake?

We’re sure that that was a mistake (NOT). Love the fart cloud.

7. Outed for addiction

Looks like everybody knows about his mother’s Facebook addiction now. The father is allergic? I didn’t know that was even a thing.

8. The first drawing of mommy

Some of us earn a reputation from the time that our children are very young. I would say that this mother is going to be carrying around that reputation for many years.

9. So proud

I would say the proper word is horrified. Maybe they should seek some professional help.

10. Me too

There is something funny and yet a little somber about this picture. The child seems to capture the solitary moment that his mother guzzles the wine perfectly. The glass is pretty big in my opinion.

11. We understand

Let’s hope the father gets some help for his problem.

12. I’d punch her in the face

The mother probably feels pretty good about this one in a strange way.

13. We all handle grief differently

Is this another stage of grief? Maybe.

14. Evil snake

There’s a lot going on in this picture. What is up with the mom? Why doesn’t she like people? This one needs to go to a psychiatrist.

15. Employee of the month

We don’t know what his dad does for a living but we want to put in an application.

16. Moms love wine

It seems like a lot of mothers are being busted for loving wine in these pictures. If you’re going to make yourself an easy target, I guess you can expect it.

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