15 Kids That Prove Children Will Cry About Anything – And Nothing

If you have any children in your life, regardless of whether they are your children or if they belong to someone else, there is a truth that you already realize. Children cry. In fact, they cry a lot and sometimes, they cry about absolutely nothing. Of course, from their perspective, they have everything in the world to cry about but for adults, it may seem as if the smallest thing is going to set them off.

Another thing that you will recognize about children is that they will cry without any reservation. It doesn’t matter where they are, who was around or what the circumstances, they will break down into a crying fit and they won’t stop until you are as uncomfortable as you could possibly be. All parents go through this at some time or another and sometimes, it helps to live through somebody else’s pain. Check down through these pictures of children who are crying for no reason.

1. She didn’t want to wear pants

I feel the same way sometimes but then again, I don’t typically cry about it.

2. They just wanted to eat it

This little girl was very upset because her father wouldn’t let her eat the remote control. Maybe if it had some salt?

3. Are you kidding me?

This has got to be the parent’s fault. Even though the child offered them a bite of their food, there is no reason to do it.

4. They didn’t care who peed on it

This little child was very upset because his mother wouldn’t let him eat the pregnancy test she was holding. Maybe he was just upset because he would no longer be an only child.

5. What was that?

This is one that we probably have all experienced at some time in life. She broke wind and it frightened her.

6. We feel you on this one

We have all broken apart an Oreo cookie and had the icing land on both sides of the cookie itself. It’s frustrating, but we try not to cry about it.

7. It would be upsetting

We may cry because we have to get dressed but this little guy was upset because he was already dressed.

8. Probably a bad idea

Maybe some family therapy is in the future for this one

9. Why would I walk?

This is a perfectly understandable reaction.

10. Sometimes you just want to cry

When they asked for raisins and you give them raisins it’s a perfectly legitimate reason to break down

11. When you want to be pretty

This little girl will someday understand why the mother was crying as well when she found out her makeup was all used up

12. It’s not a big deal

This little boy was crying because he could watch his dad poop

13. Sneaky

Brushing your teeth with red wine? This little kid has it going on

14. How rude

When you wave at a plane and people don’t wave back again, it really might feel like the end of the world.

15. Let mom do it

Looks like dad is having a bad night. The girl wanted her mom to read the book, ‘Just Me and My Dad’

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